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Youth Futures - Work for the Dole

Youth Futures hosts Social Enterprise based Work for the Dole activities. The program is hosted over a number of sites which provide real and simulated workplace environments allowing participants to learn and experience a range of transferrable soft and hard skills. Our program is aimed at people experiencing barriers to employment and allow for them to develop work skills in a supportive environment. There are also sometimes opportunities for short term casual and seasonal work in real workplaces.

Rural Skills - A significant focus of the program revolves around developing rural skills; often within the working vineyard and community garden at Heritage Forest in Invermay, but also on other sites. Youth Futures has a range of machinery (such as Brushcutter, Hedge trimmer, Ride-on-Mower, Tractor, spraying equipment, etc) and involves support of the running of the vineyard and community garden. Whilst participating, learners get to train towards a range of accredited Cert I and II Rural Skills, Agrifood, Horticulture and Wine Industry units. There may also be opportunity to get some paid seasonal work as part of the program.

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