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As of 1st January 2015 all students and trainees MUST have a USI
(Unique Student Identifier)
For more info click <here> To create your USI now click <here>
Note: you will need your ID with you.


Youth Futures is a ntaionally recognised RTO (Registered Training Organisation). This means that we can offer a number of training opportunities. We continue to offer accredited training positions to as many people placed by our Employment Service as possible. Youth Futures is also able to offer 'one-off' training opportunities for individuals, as well as being open to working with other organisations around their training needs (for their staff and/or clients).

Employers and/or other organisations please see the Training Courses that we offer and/or contact us direct. Most assessment occurs on the job-site (yours or ours) or a simulated worksite (such as Entally Estate). Often training can be tailored to your specific needs and/or your workplace.

What Training Is Available?
Youth Futures' training opportunities are split into 2 distinct categories:

  • Training Courses:
    Short courses (generally no more than a week) aimed to cover specific skills, with participants gaining a Statement of Attainment for one or more specific Units (depending on the course). Training Courses are suitable for both employers/employees and job seekers.
  • Training Programs:
    These are longer programs (often up to a number of months). The Rural Skills Program incorporates a number of Nationally Accredited Units in a specific agri-business skill-set. Participants receive general "real world" training in the field and receive Statement(s) of Attainment on completion of the Program. 

Please select the links above or to the right for more specific information.

All Training Courses and Programs are run in small groups, in a supportive environment. Where extra support is required with language, literacy and numeracy, programs can be tailored to suit all LLN levels.

Enrolment and Expressions of Interest
If you wish to apply to enrol in a specific course, please complete the Youth Futures online Enrolment Application Form and/or contact us. Employers seeking tailored training for their staff please contact us. JobActive's seeking to be involved in our training programs (and/or looking for other training opportunities for your clients) please see the JobActive portal or contact us. Full details of our RTO and the current units on scope can be found on the website.

Please see the Training Calendar below for upcoming courses.

Please note that these may already be full and/or are subject to change without notice (enrolled participants will be informed of changes).