The Castle

The Castle

Micro-Housing Enshrined in the United Nations Covenants is the right for everyone to have access to `adequate housing'. Having a place to call one's home - or indeed one's castle - is a critical link to resources such as education, employment and healthcare. If you do not have an address or a roof over your head you can also lose other human needs such as security, pride and self-confidence.

The Castle is a project being undertaken by Youth Futures in partnership with University of Tasmania (UTas) - School of Architecture. The Castle intends to provide a realistic and affordable alternative to mainstream housing. At the same time we want to challenge the trend of homes becoming larger and larger. Is it possible that size is one of the reasons that housing in Australia is more unaffordable than ever before?



Youth Futures Crisis Accommodation Service

The shelter component of Youth Futures remains more-or-less unchanged since it's inception in 1980 (under the name of NYSA - Northern Youth Shelter Association). It is now known simply as Youth Futures (Inc) Crisis Accommodation.

The Crisis Accommodation component of YFI is a Launceston based crisis/emergency accommodation service which aims to provide safe, secure immediate short-term emergency accommodation for young men between the ages of 13-20 years. We provide residents with information and basic support in areas such as housing, living skills, health issues, legal issues, work, education and training opportunities. We are a 7 day a week, 24 hour a day service.

About Us

What is Youth Futures?

Youth Futures (YFI - formerly known as NYSA {Northern Youth Shelter Association}) is a non profit organisation that offers a number of services specifically aimed at young people. However, many of our programs are not age dependant.

Progams offered include:

  • Crisis Accommodation
  • Employment Service
  • Training Courses and Programs including:
    • Entally (Rural Skills)
    • The Castle (Construction and Manufacturing)
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