Rural Skills Training Program

Real World Agri-business Training

Youth Futures' Rural Skills Training Program develops industry relevant agri-business skills and experience. The Programs are tailored to the individual needs of the group requiring training.  Units are selected and put together through careful consultation with the employer/industry depending on the required skill outcome.  The training involves lots of 'hands on' practical experience and takes place on numerous working locations around Northern Tasmania; primarily Entally Estate Vineyard and grounds. The Youth Futures Rural Skills program also has significant contacts in the agri-business industry and opportunites for casual, seasonal and long term employment so occur.

Entally Estate is a historic homestead, outbuilding, garden and grounds near Hadspen (Northern Tasmania), 15 minutes drive from Launceston. The homestead was built in 1819 by Thomas Haydock Reibey (eldest son of Mary Reibey - featured on the Australian $20 note). The Estate consists of Entally House and historic buildings including Australia's oldest Conservatory, Chapel, Stables, Carriage House and Farmyard. The property is owned by the Tasmanian State Government and currently managed by Parks and Wildlife Tasmania.

Operational Vineyard
In 2004, the previous property manager - Gunns Ltd - planted out 3 hectares of the grounds in Pinot Noir wine grape vines. As of 2010 this vineyard has being managed by Youth Futures. Most of the labour for the vineyard is provided during training programs and by volunteers (mostly staff and clients of Youth Futures). Machinery and tools have been purchased using a combination of State and Federal funding, community funding, the modest proceeds of the sale of grapes and the generous support of business.



Youth Futures is a nationally recognised RTO (Registered Training Organisation). This means that we can offer a number of training opportunities. We continue to offer accredited training positions to as many people placed by our Employment Service as possible. Youth Futures is also able to offer 'one-off' training opportunities for individuals, as well as being open to working with other organisations around their training needs (for their staff and/or clients).

Most assessment occurs on the job-site (yours or ours) or a simulated worksite (such as Entally Estate). Often training can be tailored to your specific needs and/or your workplace.


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