Employment Service

Youth Futures Employment Service is an informal employment placement service. We do not directly employ people but we do work closely with a number of employers including Tony Storey Silvacuture (a Launceston based Labour Hire operator). We also have a close working relationship with a number of Job Active providers (previously known as JSAs or Job Networks). Through our RTO (Registered Training Organisation) we also offer an entry point to increase your skills, specifically those directly related to employment. Read more about training here.

Who Can Use the Employment Service?
Our name may suggest that our services are aimed at youth, but that is not entirely the case. Initially our employment service was designed for 'youth at risk', but has since been expanded to include everyone. We only take names when we know that work will be coming up within the following weeks. Any Northern Tasmanian resident of working age (generally 16-65 years) seeking work is welcome to register. We only accept registrations from job seekers that are currently within the Launceston and surrounding area (including Tamar Valley). Please do not try to register unless you are currently in the area and willing to start work immediately. Generally our service operates on a "first come, first served" basis; however when positions become available if we can not immediately contact you we will try the next person on our list.

While our door is open to anyone, we specialise in assisting young people, long term unemployed, indigenous people, people from non-English speaking backgrounds (including resettled refugees / humanitarian migrants) and anyone experiencing disadvantage.

What Sort Of Work Can You Get Access To?
We can provide a point of contact for seasonal and casual jobs such as:

  • orchard work (apples) - pruning, thinning and picking
  • orchard work (blueberries) - picking
  • vineyard work (grapes) - pruning, tying-down, wire-lifting, de-suckering and picking
  • forestry work - tree planting, fertilizing and pruning (very limited opportunities currently available due to downturn in forest industry)
  • other farm and seasonal work (as available)

Often positions are advertised on the Australian Job Search website but as our services are in high demand, it is best if you contact us as soon as possible if you are seeking work. We also often advertise in the local newspaper - The Examiner.

How Else Can We Help You?
As well as providing access to employment, we also often offer training places directly relevant to the employment positions, for more information have a look here. Youth Futures is often able to provide return transport between our Invermay base and individual work sites (at a nominal cost) using our minibuses. Additionally we can assist you liaising with employers, Job Active providers and Centrelink. We can also provide support in other aspects of life to help you get a job and stay with it as long as possible.

Is There Any Cost?
No. There is no cost for you to get work through our service. If you are getting transport on one of our buses there is a small charge to cover expenses. It is based on distance but is generally $6-$10 a day (you will be informed how much). The buses leave from Youth Futures (see here for a map) but you may be able to negotiate an alternative pickup/drop-off after your first day.

Often you may be required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as long-sleeve shirt, sunhat, steel-toe boots and/or high visibility vest. You will generally need to provide these yourself. If you are registered with a Job Active agency, they may be able to assist (they will often pay for work related items). Sometimes you may be able to get the cost of some or all of your PPE taken out of your first pay but we will inform you if this is a possibility. Some positions may require you to complete a medical (which will be deducted from your wage or paid by your Job Active provider).

How do I Register?
Registration is as simple as signing up online (if the form is unavailable/disabled then we are not taking names and don't have any positions available). Alternatively you can drop in and fill out a form. For more info contact us.